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Want to partake in the glories of the City Timeless and the many amazing perks our campaign offers but have no money? Never fear, penniless paupers, we love you too! By sharing our campaign with your friends, family and those annoying people on Facebook who always send you farmville invites, you can earn the same perks as those who donate! Just go to our Indiegogo Campaign, sign in to Indiegogo (you’ll need an account, but its free!), and then use the sharing tools below Lord Alaric’s video to get links you can share on Facebook, in email, Twitter, writing in the dust on your neighbor’s car. Anyone who uses your link and comes to the campaign and donates, will count towards your own donation total. At the end of a successful campaign, we’ll add up all the donations that came from your links and send you the perks equal to that value. Yes, if you share your little hearts out, you may become a Duke of the City Timeless, spend a week at our Castle with your own personal servant attending your every need, and be a part of the exclusive Duke’s Council where you can help determine the future of our fair city!

Escape your drab little world!

Have you looked in the mirror and asked yourself, who is that? That person in his or her work clothes, dull and drab, with the zombie-like gaze of those who are only half alive? Inside, though, you know you are more. You feel the Knight, the Warrior, the Lady, the Rogue, stirring within. Maybe you steal some moments online in a game or at a convention, where you can dress and act and be that person who stirs inside, whose passion makes you feel alive. What if there was a place where you could be that person, for more than a few hours or a weekend. Where those around you are alive and passionate, living the same dream you are. That place exists within your dreams…now help us to make it a reality.

Join Us and Be Who You Really Are

Welcome to the City Timeless Indiegogo Campaign. We are the Agents for the King and Lord Alaric, laying the way for the arrival of the City Timeless in your world. Our City was founded in the year of our Lord 1283 in what is now Wales by Edward the First. Much like the other walled cities like Conwy, our city was designed to defend against the attackers and be a completely self-sustaining community without need for additional ongoing support by the Crown. Through a spectacular mishap by the King’s ne’er do well brother, Lord Edward, our city was cast out from our old world and set upon the seas of reality and time, doomed to wander aimlessly for all time.


Lord Edward and his favorite hobby…

Our aimless wandering was later learned to be controlled by a time traveler and his family, Lord Alaric who came from a time more than 700 years after ours when, of all things, a woman held the throne, by the name of Queen Victoria. Now, with the help of a young genius named Tesla, Alaric has discovered a method to somewhat control our flight through time and reality and peer through the aether to find our next landing place and allow us to prepare the way.

We are here to do just that. The city will appear in your time and in a location of our choosing. It will not appear all at once, as in a flash, but a little at a time. Sometimes a single building, sometimes a whole neighborhood, but eventually the city as a whole will manifest itself in your world. First, always first, is the King’s castle, Castle Timeless.

We need your help though. We need to obtain the land and prepare it for the arrival of the King and his castle. To do that, we must raise funds in the currency of this world to purchase that land and establish our reign over it. Those that help us in our most stalwart endeavor will be rewarded. The perks of aiding our monarch include being elevated into the ranks of nobility itself! So join us, become part of our City and help us change your sad, drab little world into one of wonder and romance, where your dreams will shape your reality, and you can truly be who you really are.

You can find out more about how to help our City and Lord Alaric by going to our Indiegogo Campaign!

Or in more boring terms…

Alaric has always told us that we should present our pitch in the vernacular of the people we will be living among. As such, let us pull the shroud of the city and its fantasy world aside and peer into the inner workings to see what we’re doing, in terms that the realists among you can more appreciate.



City will be a multiphase mixed use resort, catering to deep immersive experiences based on history and fantasy elements. Think Game of Thrones meets Dr. Who. Interactive, the storylines are designed to incorporate your individual character so that you can participate or just be a spectator, enjoying the splendor of a timeless environment ripe with fantastical sites and characters. Like London, the City will be divided into Wards. Each ward will have a character all its own, having a theme based on a time period or a fantasy theme. Within that Ward, the shops, buildings, residences and the characters that interact within it will be reflective of that unifying theme. The first such Ward we’re planning is the Pirate’s Ward which will contain the Pirate’s Pub (I’m sure we can come up with a better name than that, but then again, we’ll be asking you, our patrons and citizens, to help us name them), various shops. Over the shops will be accommodations that will be available for living, either as itinerant accommodations like our hotels, or apartments where those who own or work in the shops and establishments can live. It is important for us to create an environment where people can live and work as well as play, all while immersed in the theme of that Ward.



Ward Partnerships.

We don’t see the City as owned by a single company, but one that is a partnership of companies or individual shop owners that work together to create a self-sustaining community, much like that created in the walled cities like Conwy in Wales. We also can’t come up with all the ideas for these Wards ourselves. We need help there as well, and this is the real chance to make your dreams a reality. Like we’re doing with this campaign, we’ll work with those who come up with an idea for a Ward, help create a campaign like this one to raise funds to build that Ward. That Ward will then be run and owned by those who created the campaign. We’re still working out the rules and practical application of this, but the goal is to be able to create Wards that people truly want, and test out the idea using crowdfunding to validate whether people want that theme. By working with third parties, we grow the economic infrastructure of the city, increase the innovative and creative capacity of the city, and make a community that can thrive, grow and evolve with the tastes of its supporting cultures.


Carcassonne France

Sustainability is not a keyword, but a way of life in the City

We are big believers that all life must be self-sustaining, even the life of a business or community. We are looking to embrace sustainability in our business practices, our cultural development and in our building as well. Around the city, we plan to either obtain the land or work with local farmers to create an agriconomy. The City will purchase any food that the farmers do not consume themselves, provide some of this to local food banks to give back to the communities around us, and then process and package the rest under the City branding and resell in our shops, restaurants, and via out online marketplace as well. In good times, this means the City will be able to raise the money necessary to continue building, in tough economic times, we will focus on making sure our citizens are well fed. Agritourism will be an important aspect of our business model, making tours of our surrounding farms as much a part of the total experience as our accommodations, pubs, or shops. We will encourage the farmers to take part in the overall theme, helping raise the funds through crowdfunding to build farmhouses, possibly Hobbit holes, and use modern farming techniques while creating an appearance of a more non-technical period. These buildings will feature unobtrusive solar panels and near zero net energy buildings to reduce the drag on the environment and reduce costs for the people living in them.

Where is City going to appear?

We’re focusing our land acquisition in Lake County, Florida. This county, located only 45 minutes from Disneyworld, already has a heavily agricultural based economy, allowing us to leverage an existing farm based infrastructure. The fact that this also places us within easy distance of area tourist attraction like Walt Disney World, Universal, Sea World in Orlando and area beaches just happens to be a happy coincidence! Lake County is also the home of the Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire, co-founded by the City’s creator, Michael Dempsey…also another happy coincidence.

What this Campaign Covers

Every story has a first chapter, and this campaign is designed to fund the City’s first chapter. With the funds from this campaign, we’ll be making the initial land purchase, build out the first phase of Castle Timeless, and create our first Tilly (Read more about Tilly’s here) which will be a rentable steampunk “Glamper” providing more economical accommodations.



Our initial architectural choices for the Castle are mirrored after historic European castles and walled medieval cities such as Bolton Castle, Conwy, and Carcassonne. As the first phase, this castle will be small with only approximately 6 standard rooms and 4 deluxe tower suites available. In later phases, this part of the castle will actually become the gatehouse for a much larger castle structure.  The present design will operate as a bed and breakfast or small boutique hotel. Of course, if we are able to raise more than our goal, we’ll increase the size of the castle!


Initial Layout of upper floor/Image of Bolton Castle, UK

Building the first phase of the Castle Timeless will be as interactive as the City itself. On our website, you’ll find galleries of images that will be used to help design the castle and later other buildings. We encourage you to vote on the images to help steer us in the design direction that most appeals to you. We will also provide method for you to submit your own ideas for building designs, clothing designs, and story ideas that we can incorporate into the ongoing interactive story which is the City Timeless. So the next time you build an awesome castle in Minecraft, take a screenshot and submit it…you may end up helping create it in the real world!

The Tilly’s (Tesla’s Interdimensional Luxury Land Yachts) are reproductions of the time machine that Alaric and his family first used to travel to the City Timeless. These are steampunk modded Airstreams and similar iconic campers that will reflect the asthetic tastes of Victorian England with modern conveniences that are masked by fantastical steampunk designs.

These two sets of accommodations reflect our desire to create a resort that caters to all budgets. Staying in the Castle will provide a full noble experience with luxury and your own personal servant to take care of your every need. Obviously, this kind of experience will come at a price, but one that ultimately will be well worth it based on the immersive storyline you’ll find yourself a part of. The Tilly’s, on the other hand, will be more of a roughing it experience. Staying here will be akin to being intrepid Victorian adventurers and explorers bent of exploring the fascinating new timelines and worlds that only a Tilly can reach. Imagine Stanley and Livingstone meets H.G. Wells.

How you can help.

First and foremost…give us your money! Seriously, this is going to take a lot of it. But we don’t ask you to give and get nothing in return. Check out our perks. This is the only campaign where you’ll be given an opportunity to spend the night (or several nights) in a castle, attended to by servants like true nobility, or spend the night (or several!) in your own personal Steampunk Time Machine.

Also, each level of giving confers with it a specific rank. Rank in the City has privileges and responsibilities, just like the noble ranks of old. The lower ranks will provide various discounts, as the ranks increase, you will also have the opportunity to more directly be involved with the decision making around growing the City. We will be creating virtual Town Halls, the Council of Dukes, and other interactive online meetings where we will get your ideas, participate in talks directly with the creators, and see your ideas be incorporated into the ongoing designs of the City. We fully believe that our patrons, our citizens will drive the evolution of the City and want you to take part in that.

And these ranks and perks are not just for those who give monetary donations, but also to those who help spread the word about this campaign. One of the reasons we chose Indiegogo for our crowdfunding was the fact that they have amazing tools for tracking how you share our campaign and how much money your sharing generates. So whether you donate yourself, or share our campaign with others that donate, the perks and privileges of rank can be yours!

Who We are:

The idea of the City Timeless was developed by Michael and Jennifer Dempsey. Michael is a 10 year veteran of one of the largest entertainment and theme park companies in the world, the co-founder of the Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire (and current Director of Entertainment), and the author of a book on internet marketing for travel agents and the best-selling course on starting your own renaissance faire. Jennifer Dempsey is the Director of Marketing for the Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire (they actually met at the faire…awwwww), Executive Director of the Lake County Children’s Memorial Garden, owner of Fifth Monkey Internet Marketing, and mother to a vast hoard of barbarians. You can read about their amazing story here and more about their experience here.


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