History of the City Timeless

Our City was founded in the year of our Lord 1283 in what is now Wales by Edward the First. Much like the other walled cities like Conwy, our city was designed to defend against the attackers and be a completely self-sustaining community without need for additional ongoing support by the Crown. Through a spectacular mishap by the King’s ne’er do well brother, Lord Edward, our city was cast out from our old world and set upon the seas of reality and time, doomed to wander aimlessly for all time.

While the City was being built, ruins of a long forgotten Roman outpost were uncovered. In a temple to a nameless god, the workers found a large, strangely glowing green stone. This stone, roughly the size of a small child, gave off a strange hum as well. The Lord of the City was concerned by the strange emanations of the stone and order it be sealed off. Now the Lord had a younger brother, who was known as Lord Edward. Edward was a ne’er do well, drunkard, and all around cad. One evening he was squiring around a couple of doxies and to impress them, broke into the temple to show off the stone. Flirtatiously, the women offered Edward full access to their charms if they could have a piece of the stone for their own. Without thinking, which was never a strong point of Edward’s, he drew his dagger and gave the stone a mighty whack with the pommel. A small shard of the stone broke loose, but at the same time, a strange piercing tone shrilled from the stone and the room was overcome in a flash of light. When the light subsided, Edward and the shard were missing and when the City inhabitants awoke the next morning, they discovered that their City no longer resided in the time or land of their birth!

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