New Indiegogo Campaign First Interactive Experience Resort Designed, Built, and Funded by the Crowd

City Timeless, a new campaign launched today on Indiegogo seeks to build an interactive experience resort, fully funded by crowd funding. World of Warcraft will meet Disney World as guests become players in an interactive storyline they help write.


Orlando, FL,  June 25, 2014

City Timeless launches campaign to become the first interactive experience resort  funded by the crowd.

The City, inspired by the real world 12th century walled city Conwy in Wales and by such fictional towns like Brigadoon, is the brain child of Michael Dempsey, a 10 year veteran of the theme park industry. Designed to be a game changer in the travel resort industry, City Timeless seeks funding directly from future patrons by offering room nights in a castle bed and breakfast before the castle is built. By essentially preselling the room nights, City Timeless will raise funds to build the castle. Perks include not just a regular night in the castle, but a fully interactive night, where the guest will have their own period servant to attend to their needs and be invited to dinner with Lord Alaric, a Steampunk Victorian time travelling adventurer who lives in the castle.

The resort itself will feature “Wards” or neighborhoods, with each section of the city devoted to a different time period or fantasy storyline. Instead of building the resort all at once, City Timeless will partner with others to build out each Ward, helping third parties set up their own crowdfunding campaigns to raise the funds and then integrate the new Ward into the overall City structure. “We’re building a shared economy,” says Dempsey. “Each Ward can be a business or set of businesses that support each other, strengthening the whole”.

According to Dempsey, “Online businesses like Air BNB are changing the way we think of how hotels are run. City Timeless will change how hotels and resorts are funded and built. By going directly to future guests, we test the market for our concept without investing money upfront.”

The City Timeless is one of the only resorts to be built for the geek subculture. This demographic is rapidly increasing, young, with high incomes which are highly disposable. This segment of the population is drawn to experiences, spending much of their time going to conventions, fairs and attractions where they can become part of the action.

“My experience in the theme park industry has shown me the power of a good story”, adds Dempsey. “The City Timeless extends that concept by encouraging guests to become part of the story, even adding their own storylines to the City’s story.”

This campaign stems from an idea that Dempsey has been working on for more than 13 years. His family has gone through a number of personal tragedies over the past three years, including the loss of a son and having their youngest daughter go through 8 brain surgeries, effectively removing half of her brain to save her from life threatening seizures caused by a rare abnormality called hemimegalencephaly. His daughter is now walking on her own though, after a terrific struggle to overcome those limitations. “After seeing the strength of my wife and my daughter as we went through loss and recovery,” says Dempsey, “I found that I had no more excuses not to pursue my dreams. Risk is an illusion that holds us back and tomorrow may never come, so at times like this, embracing the impossible seems all the more possible.”

He credits his wife for a lot of his inspiration in his work, including the creation of their tagline: “Be Who You Really Are”. The idea originally came from a recent movie on LARPers (Live Action Role Players) called “Unicorn City”. Their tagline was “be who you pretend to be”, which seemed fitting. But his wife felt that in many cases, cosplayers pretend to be their Monday-Friday, 9-5 personas. Michael plays a character called Lord Edward in the local renaissance faire he co-founded, the Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire. “He (Michael) doesn’t pretend to be Lord Edward,” Jennifer Dempsey explains. “He is Lord Edward. He pretends to be Michael most of the time. It is not about being who our future guests pretend to be, but being about who they feel they really are.” The resort is all about encouraging guests to dress for their roles, to incorporate characters they have created for themselves into the story line of the City. Ultimately, the Dempsey’s plan to leverage their website to allow guests to create their personas that they want to be recognized as in the City so that City staff will know ahead of time and interact with them as those characters.


The City Timeless is an Indiegogo campaign developed by Michael Dempsey and Fifth Monkey Productions, Inc. The City Timeless Indiegogo campaign launched June 25 and continues for 35 days. The goal of the campaign is to raise $1,000,000 to purchase land and build the first phase of the Castle bed and breakfast. Meeting space in the Castle will be used for events and weddings.

Tagline: Be Who You Really Are


Michael Dempsey, Owner City Timeless




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