True Nobility is in the Giving

People tend to think that historically, the nobility titles were all inherited. In truth, in the beginning, titles were granted as rewards for deeds performed for the kingdom. Sometimes this was in the form of heroic deeds of valor on the battlefield, but just as often (or more often probably), they were given based on the value of that person to the kingdom…usually in the form of taxes or wealth.

The City Timeless will maintain this ancient custom. We will have two forms of ranking, participatory and non-participatory. Participatory ranks are conferred based upon deeds performed for the crown. In our first Indiegogo campaign, there are rewards based on how often you share the campaign with your friends and they donate. So even if you had no money at all, but you were persistent and valorous with sharing the wonder that is the City Timeless, you could end up with a noble title within the City. Other quests will be created as we progress that will allow our people to further progress in ranking and gain all the rewards that rank offers.

Non-participatory ranks are based purely on money. In the campaign phases, this will be based on the money donated through the campaign and is one of the perks at each level. After the City is up and running, every dollar spent in the City, whether it is through room rentals in the Castle or one of the hostels, dining in the restaurants and pubs, or tickets to some of our events, or through purchasing with our vendors and merchants either in the City or online, will go towards your over all ranking.


The value of nobility:

The City Timeless will have a loyalty program like no others. The rank you gain will impact how you are treated in the City. You will receive special badges at each rank so that you are easily identifiable by your noble rank. All employees of the City will address you by your title and treat you with due deference as if you were truly nobility.

Rank also carries with in monetary benefits as well. Discounts for City goods and services increase as your rank increases. You also get priority booking at the Castle and priority seating at all events, restaurants and pubs.


The Ranks:

Though the City Timeless originated in England during the Medieval period, they developed their own noble ranking system based on the small size of the city. When the City was first cast free of the bounds of our reality, the Lord of the city was a simple Baron. When he realized that they were no longer part of the Kingdom of Britain, he declared himself King of the new land of the City Timeless. He saw that his people were scared and full of despair at leaving all they knew of the old world, so he gave them new hope. No citizen of the City Timeless is chained to their station in life, but can rise up based on ability. The first titles he gave were to the City’s top guild leaders and merchants, for these people were the natural leaders within the City’s population and the key to growth and prosperity for the City. To keep any one individual from gaining too much power, there were limits to land controlled by each rank, especially since there were no new lands to gain, only that which accompanied the City on its travels.

So the King divided the city in Quarters. To each Quarter, he named a Grand Duke. Each Quarter was further divided into quarters, ruled over by Marquis, the Marquis lands divided into quarters ruled by a Count, the Count’s land divided into quarters ruled by Viscounts, which in turn had lands divided into quarters ruled by Barons. Each Baron’s lands could support 100 people. This land included a section of the city itself, as well as a section of the surrounding farmlands for support of their people.

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