Introducing the Tilly

(Tesla’s Interdimensional Luxury Land Yacht)

The story of Lord Alaric comes from a different world than ours. It is not just in another time, one of Victorian England, but a slightly different world as well. In the theory of the multiverse, there’s a world where I’m Batman…so in Lord Alaric’s world, instead of going to America, a young Tesla heads for London and meets up with Lord Alaric.

Imagine a world where Tesla’s genius is embraced from the very beginning, where he is encouraged to create and invent without care of cost or Edison trying to squash him. Now that could have been a breath taking world! When Lord Alaric needs to find help for his ailing daughter, it is Tesla who helps him develop the Tilly, a family home that can travel through time and across the multiverse. Being made entirely of metal, it acts as a Faraday cage, keeping the family safe from the powerful electromagnetic fields that warp reality around it.

Though the stuff of the maddest science, the interior also has the touches of Victorian elegance, for if the Lady of the house was going to live in it, it was going to be civilized!

In our world, we’re going to take old Airstreams, Silver Streaks, Avions and turn them into Steampunked Time Machines that you can rent and spend a night or longer “roughing” it glamping style. Over time and we’ll create a whole alternative camp ground full of Tilly’s. Think about emerging from your time machine in the morning and spending the day, traveling from one time period and reality to another, to return, tired and exhausted to your time machine, wrapped in Victorian elegance, to sleep and perchance to dream til a new day dawns.


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