The current Indiegogo campaign is just the beginning! The City Timeless will take years to grow to its full size and we’ve planned out several key phases along the way. In addition, we’ve designed the business model to reflect the City’s open API approach to building a resort. Like computer programs that use a shared API to allow other programs to communicate and integrate with their own program, our business model for the City Timeless allows others to build their own dreams within the walls of the city.


The Plan

Here it is, plan that I have to make this world happen. And if you read it tomorrow, it will probably change. I think it was Patton who said that no plan survives first engagement with the enemy. In my case, the enemy is reality! So the plan will change as it needs to, grow, evolve, to become what it needs to be in order to survive, to thrive, to come into being. As you provide your ideas, that will help evolve my plan too.

Hmmm…if you read my promise, you know that if you take my ideas and run with them, I won’t sue you. But since no one has made that promise to me, here’s a little bit that lawyers will be happy with:

Fifth Monkey Productions reserves the right to use any idea, submission, graphic, photo, any user submitted content on this site in any way they deem fit.

So only submit your ideas as long as you want me to make full use of them (as long as I think they’re actually good that is!). I won’t promise I’ll ever give you anything for it…I may not even realize where it came from…I may read something here and then months later come up with this brilliant idea that just happens to be almost exactly what you suggested in a comment below…but that’s how my mind works! Or I may enoble you and pronounce to the world the utter awesomeness of you and your ideas…or not…its really a gamble on that front!

Now where was I? Oh, yes, THE PLAN!!!!




The Plan: Phased Approach


Yes, the plan is so big, its got to be in phases. Mostly because when looking at the total scope, the budget for this project could easily exceed $50 million. Somehow I don’t think I could raise that much from the community.

It is important that the community is where I pull the funds. The rise of crowdfunding has provided ideas like mine the opportunity to come into the light. Traditional financing, i.e. the banks, would have a hard time funding an idea like this. Too weird with a niche market to have people who live in suits and ties understand the fervor of a dream like ours. So take it to the very people who would live this dream. And in this way, we validate the whole concept. What I mean is this, if the idea has merit, if a community exists that would make this idea thrive, then they’ll fund it. It’s the simplest and cheapest form of market testing there is, and it is changing the face of business.

By breaking this idea into phases, I can validate each phase, make it small enough to be funded via sites like and, and force me to continually go back to the community to make sure we’re going in the right direction.

The first phase is the hardest. The idea is still just an idea, a dream. We can create plans, diagrams, blueprints, and pretty pictures, but nothing concrete, nothing tangible has been created yet. Once this first phase is done, the other phases will build on what already exists. We may even at that point use some of the other crowdfunding sites that allow for actual shares of the business to be sold, but that is in the future when we have actual real world performance figures to back up our hype and hyperbole!

Remember again, this plan will change. Not “may change”, but “will change”. As we see what the community embraces and wants, that will be what we go for. My plan is to have each phase take no longer than a year to complete, so each year, expect a new campaign, a new phase to promote and to beg funds for.

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