Open API Resort?


Yes, I am a tech geek, so most of my business concepts have been derived from the technology world. What do I mean by Open API Resort? In technology, we create systems that are extensible. These systems become platforms, or the base upon which other systems can be built and added on to. In order to do this, we create programming interfaces which easily allow other programs to interact with ours.

In the City Timeless terms, the resort itself becomes a platform. This first crowdfunding campaign is to build the infrastructure to support such a platform. The storyline is part of that API, it is open enough to allow anyone else’s story to interact with ours. The vision is that other groups would create new sections to the city based on their stories, timelines, fantasy, etc. Each group would fund their own Ward or neighborhood, hopefully using the same crowdsourcing paradigm we’re using for City Timeless. Instead of me trying to figure out what areas to build, I’m going to let you decide. Have a large group of pirates and you want a pirate section to the city? Propose the idea to the king, if it is approved, then move into the funding stage. If you get the funds, this proves that there is a market for your theme, and then our team will work with yours to implement your section into the city.

There will have to be some consistent ways of doing things to make this work, and that is where the similarities with APIs come in. We’ll develop a common booking engine, so if you add rentable rooms to your pirate tavern, we’ll handle the booking of those rooms for you. As we develop more interactive services, such as Meta’s Spaceglasses Augmented Reality, we’ll make sure that your section gets included.

What we want to see develop is a sustainable ecosystem for Makers, Cosplayers, Entertainers, Dreamers, where we can develop those dreams in a manner that can be self-sustaining.

Rent will have a number of different programs, based on the type and size of your business and your inclusion in the community. I’m encouraging a live/work/play concept with the city. Vendors would live in an apartment over their shop, much in the way they would have in the distant past (pre-industrial revolution!).

Rental Fee Structures:

Profit Base: if the vendor is willing to utilize the city’s inventory management/POS systems, we can base the monthly rent on a percentage of their profit. This is meant to provide our merchants, especially those who create their own goods and live on site, the ability to create, sale, and live without a constant fear of not being able to afford the rent.

Fee Based: Set monthly fees for rental of shop and/or living space. This is based on those more established vendors who have a stable business or who want to control their own POS/Inv. Management.

Crown Owned: This is for those craftsmen/women whose skills the community needs but may not be interested in running their own business or have the skills to do so.

Land Only: In this case, the merchant/vendor has raised the money (personally, or through crowdfunding) to build their own shop/apartment (with plan approval by the crown). In this case, there would be a nominal land use fee that would kick in after the first year of operation of the shop. This encourages merchants to get the funding to build their own shop.

Why live/work/play. The city is an immersive community. Be your dream is our motto and we want to live by it. If you own a shop in the medieval section and choose to live there, we encourage people to fully immerse themselves in their sub community, dressing and living the part, the ultimate RP!

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