Phase 1: Initial Indiegogo Campaign

Welcome to phase 1! This is the high level overview of what we’re trying to accomplish with our first campaign:

  • Find and Purchase appropriate parcel of land
    • 50 – 500 acres
    • Preferably near a river that intersects with St. Johns at some point
    • Preferably near the 27/Turnpike exit, Castle viewable from Turnpike (possibly off of 429 instead)
  • Host or Start Renaissance/Medieval Faire to begin publicity of site [done]
  • Development of small Bed and Breakfast size Castle
    • 10 rooms max
    • Medieval style castle structure
    • Mix of Medieval and Victorian interiors with Steampunk styled accents to hide modern conveniences
    • Commercial grade kitchen.
    • Pub/eating hall in Castle
    • 1000 sq. ft. of meeting space for small conventions, weddings, etc.
  • Initial build out of campgrounds. This is a “glamping” or glamorous camping style campground with the introduction of our “Tilly” camper, a renovated 60′s airstream style camper modded to be a steampunk time machine. In this first phase we propose to have one Tilly developed as a prototype.
  • Create website, version 1, with an overview of the site, plans for the castle, signup for newsletter, online shop for faire related goods and souvenirs, a pre-book signup form to allow people to book a room in the castle prior to opening.
  • Staffing:
    • Marketing Manager
    • Site Manager
  • Capital Requirements:
    • Land Purchase
    • Castle construction
    • Operations


Total amount sought: $1 million


I have identified a number of possible sites ranging between $250K – $500K and ranging from 50-100 acres. The best so far is located on a huge lake, less than an hour away from Disneyworld, and located in Lake County where we have the strongest governmental support and an existing Renaissance Faire (Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire) we help run that we could get moved to this location


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