The Promise: Open Source Ideas

Ideas can be owned.

First and foremost, of all of my personas, at heart I will always think like a programmer. A lot of my ideas for running this endeavor are based on my experience running teams of programmers (at one point, I was running 7 teams, over 54 people on 3 continents and managing a project of over $50 million): Agile methodologies, open source mentality.

Ideas are shared. How many times have you had an idea and then seen someone else come out with it and you thought, “hey, they must have read my mind, I had that same idea…those mind reading thieves!”

It is currently vogue for corporations to copyright and patent basic ideas and try to own them. That is bullshit. An idea can’t be owned, a dream can’t be held in your hands, put in a box, sealed away.

That’s why I’m finally putting my ideas out there. I know I have what it takes to make this happen, but if someone else has a similar idea or loves this one enough to try to make it happen and they succeed…Great! I’ll be the first one through your gates! Hopefully in doing so you’ll improve on my ideas and make them even better. That is my promise…I’ll never sue someone for doing something similar, or even exactly like this…I only ask humbly that at the very least you come up with your own name…otherwise it will just get confusing for all! ;)

If you have a similar idea, and like me played around with it for years but have taken it no where…join me! You may have thought of things I haven’t, have experiences that I don’t have, that can help make this city, this world that I’m building even better.

I need dreamers, I need doers even more. Artists, programmers, craftsmen, builders, makers…all types that can bring something to this community. We’re building a new world. There may be a single leader, but there is no end to the number of dreamers I need to have by my side.


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