The Dream Team

So having a dream is not enough. Anyone can dream. Doing is a lot harder.

A lifetime as a Rennie, Steampunker, Roleplay Gamer, reader of fantasy, science fiction. Friend of so many geeks. This gives me an understanding of my base audience, a place in that community. But that isn’t enough. Over the years I’ve seen some similar ideas pop up, never to go anywhere because, quite frankly, the dream is not enough. It takes knowledge and experience. And I’ve got a unique set of that…

Nearly 10 years working for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, founder and current Director of Entertainment for the Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire, Degrees in Film and Literature from the University of Miami (graduated with honors…so I’m a dreamer with brains and creativity as well!)

To make this work, the dreamer has to bring to the table experience in the following:

  • Event Management
  • Business Management
  • Leadership
  • Large Project Management
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Knowledge and experience with the key psychographic audience
  • Experience working with a multi disciplinary team of artists, craftsmen, architects, programmers.
  • Experience and knowledge in the Tourism, Hospitality, Technology, Groups and Conventions, Marketing, Film and Television industries.

Take a look at my CV (Curriculum Vitae…a fancy way of saying resume!) and then ask yourself if you think I’ve got the experience to make this happen.


My main partner in this is now and always will be, my wife Jennifer (you may feel the need to say, “awwww”…go ahead, it’s ok). Now, I didn’t marry her just because she was really cute (yes, she is…I’ll admit!), but also because she is smart, aggressive, compassionate, and several other adjectives that I won’t go into here mostly because they are none of your business!

Her own qualifications are uniquely fitting for this project as well. Years of experience in local government (oh, yes, think about the reams of red tape, approvals, zoning, etc. that we’ll need to go through to get every step of this weird plan approved and moving without being shut down along the way because of bureaucratic nonsense!). She was the top of her class in internet marketing from Full Sail University. Has run her own business in internet marketing, been a speaker for numerous events on marketing and specifically on social tools and their use in marketing. She’s a writer, a mother, a fierce advocate. And an incredibly strong woman.

She focuses my world. Recently I watched the movie “Unicorn City” (if you are a gamer, know a gamer, have ever LARPed, go see it now! It’s on Netflix!) and loved their tagline, “Be who you pretend to be”. I wanted to steal borrow it for this endeavor. It was my incredibly wise wife who disagreed.

“You don’t pretend to be Lord Edward. You are Lord Edward. You pretend to be Michael. It’s not about being who they pretend to be, but being about who they really are”

So there it is, our tagline, our battle cry: “Be who you really are”

Thanks sweeti!


Oh, and it will take a lot of that strength, strength of will to carry this plan through to fruition.

This last part that I will share about us, I do so with some hesitation. I think to understand our chances to make this happen, to be able to throw your own support behind this dream, you have to understand what drives us, the fires that have forged us, and the will that it will take to create a new world. The last couple of years have provided that final forge, tested us beyond measure, and shown us that life is short and dreams must be followed now and hiding behind security is not safe at all. Read more here.


If there was one factor that made me finally take 13 years of dreaming, planning, dreaming more and actually decide to put it on the line and make it a reality, it is Nick. For too brief of a time, he shared that dream, embraced renfaires and swordplay, gaming and roleplaying. In our family LARPing in the backyard, he was always the stalwart warrior, the paladin who would put himself between others and danger.

For Honor, For Glory, For all the Dreamers who have dreamed this dream…but most of all for Nick.



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